EIMT 33 : Hawai‘i Journeyperson Exam Preparation



Class Hours

5 lecture


"C" or higher in EIMT 23. "C" or higher in either EIMT 21 or ETRO 18. Approval of instructor.


Recommended Prep


This course is only for those currently employed in the Electrical trade.

Semester Offered



This course does not provide work experience. Instead, this courses for students who are working in the trade industry only so that they can complete the 240 hours required by the “State of Hawai‘i HRS-PVL-448E.” This course can be taken as a credit course or through the Office of Continuing Education and Training as a non-credit course. Students who wish to meet the 448E-5 (b)(1) rule must work 10,000 hours in the trade industry and complete 240 hours of related coursework offered through the University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges System. To meet the 240-hour requirement students must complete modules of study in areas of electrical theory, Codeology, grounding, and motor control. This course will fulfill 75 hours of the 240-hour requirement and will cover Codeology, as well as grounding and bonding; the remaining 165 hours are covered in other courses offered on campus.