ART 223: Intermediate Painting

Credits 3 Class Hours6 lecture/lab

This course provides an overview of the origins, influences, development, and impact of major artistic movements in Europe and the U.S. Students will paint with an emphasis on familiarizing themselves with the subject matter, styles, techniques, and intentions of famous artists from these movements to further develop the skills they learned in ART 123.


"C" or higher in ART 123.

Semester Offered Fall, Spring
Diversification: Arts — DA
Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  1. Arrange visual components into a successful composition.
  2. Use acrylic or oil paint to create original works.
  3. Exhibit an intermediate level of understanding of color theory, basic composition, and value development as it applies to creating the illusion of three dimensional form.
  4. Engage in critical analysis and discussion of the final artworks.
  5. Describe how ideas can be communicated through visual media, techniques, and processes.