About this Catalog

In order to better serve you, the College has created an electronic General Catalog. The 2021-2022 catalog is an informational guide on steps to enroll, choosing a program, obtaining financial assistance, and getting the most out of your collegiate experience.

Students are encouraged to consult frequently with their academic advisors in order to stay informed about possible changes in this catalog, which includes policies and procedures.

Courses listed may not be offered every semester. However, a class schedule that lists courses currently being offered is available at:

Kaua‘i Community College - Class Availability: https://www.sis.hawaii.edu/uhdad/avail.classes?i=KAU.

A description of each course and program offerings with course requirements are located in links in the banner at the top of the Catalog.

The information in this catalog is current as of April 2021.

Kaua‘i Community College offers lower-division, transfer-level courses for students who plan to transfer to a 4-year college or university, occupational courses for students seeking competency or improvement in employable skills, and general education courses for all students to provide them with the awareness of the ideas and ideals of our society.

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