ASTR 110L: Survey of Astronomy Laboratory

Credits 1 Class Hours3 lab

This course includes a demonstration of astronomical principles through laboratory observations and analysis of astronomical data.


ASTR 110L is not required to enroll in ASTR 110.


"C" or higher or concurrent enrollment in ASTR 110.

Semester Offered Fall, Spring
Diversification: Lab (Science) — DY
Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  1. Collect, report, and analyze data obtained in a laboratory and/or observatory setting in a manner exhibiting organization, proper documentation, and critical thinking.
  2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of computer on-line astronomical programs.
  3. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the use of standard astronomical instruments.
  4. Apply the scientific method to a selected group of topics in astronomy.
  5. Perform image analysis, especially as related to astronomical photographic data.