Attendance and Participation

You are expected to attend the classes in which you are enrolled, and you are responsible for all class work assigned. For anticipated or unavoidable absences, you are expected to inform your instructor(s) and to make up class work. If you expect an extended period of absence, you need to discuss it with your instructor(s). The instructor(s) determine if it is possible for you to make up course requirements.

No-Show Drop Policy:
All credit courses, whether face-to-face or online, students who do not establish attendance by the 100% refund date stated in the schedule of classes may be administratively withdrawn. If the student does not contact the instructor and the instructor reports the student as a "no show," the student will be withdrawn. Under these conditions, the administrative withdrawal will take place before the 100% refund date period and the student may be eligible for a refund, if applicable. The course will not appear on the student's transcript. Since many classes do not have mandatory attendance, it is still the responsibility of any student who registers for class but then desires not to attend to notify the records and registration office before the 100% refund date, otherwise the student is liable for the course tuition and fees.  The No-Show Drop Policy can be viewed at