Attendance and Participation

Students are expected to attend and participate in the classes for which they are enrolled. Students are responsible for all class work assigned. For anticipated or unavoidable absences, students must inform their instructor(s) and seek to make up class work when permissible. If a student expects an extended period of absence, the student needs to discuss the absence with instructor(s) in advance. The instructor(s) determines whether it is possible for students to make up course requirements.

Student Participation Verification in Coursework Policy:
Students who do not attend, participate, or contact their course instructor by the end of the late registration period for that term will be administratively withdrawn. If the student does not contact the instructor and the instructor reports the student as non-participating, the student will be withdrawn. Under these conditions, the administrative withdrawal will remove all tuition and fee charges associated with the class and the student may be eligible for a refund, if applicable. The course will not appear on the student's transcript.

Since many classes do not have mandatory attendance, it is still the responsibility of any student who registers for class but then desires not to attend or participate to drop any unwanted classes during the 100% refund period to avoid financial and academic penalties. A student who is administratively withdrawn from a course may request a reinstatement through the instructor and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Late fees may be applicable and reinstated students are responsible for missed work and assignments. The Student Participation Verification in Coursework policy can be viewed at


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