BIOL 172L: Introduction to Biology Laboratory II

Credits 1 Class Hours3 lab

This laboratory complements the BIOL 172 lecture and must be taken concurrently with the lecture. It is intended to provide laboratory experiences that focus on a systemic study of the anatomy and physiology of plants and animals, and how they interact in populations, ecosystems, and communities.


Cross-listed with MARE 172L.

Corequisite Courses
Semester Offered Spring
Diversification: Lab (Science) — DY
Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  1. Students will demonstrate safety procedures in the laboratory such as proper use of eye protection and other protective clothing.
  2. Use compound and dissecting microscopes to study plant and animal structure and function.
  3. Describe and explain the evolutionary history of life, plant and animal form and function, and ecology.