BOT 101L: General Botany Lab

Credits 1 Class Hours3 lab

This course covers the laboratory/hands-on part of BOT 101, which includes structure, growth, functions, and evolution of plants and their relationship to the environment and human activities. The course will give the student an overall view of the plant kingdom and the integral part that they play in life.

Corequisite Courses
Semester Offered Fall
Diversification: Lab (Science) — DY
Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  1. Discuss the importance of plants to people including historical, cultural, environmental, and economic impacts.
  2. Discuss the principles of plant reproduction and genetics including methods of plant reproduction, Mendelian genetics, mitosis, meiosis, and the evolutionary relationship between plants and their pollinators.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding and use of plant taxonomy including relevant terminology, the classification system (domain and kingdom), binomial nomenclature, explain differences between monocots and dicots, and be able to use and make dichotomous keys.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental plant anatomy and plant physiology including identifying plant structures and their functions at the multi-cellular and cellular levels, understanding plant nutrition and growth, discussing the plant transports.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding and use of the Scientific Method by conducting experiments, collecting and interpreting data, and organizing and presenting a directed research project in botany.