CARP 141C: Rough Framing and Exterior Finish II

Credits 8 Class Hours16 lecture/lab

This course studies the theories, practices, and job safety requirements related to the construction of a home's exterior. It includes the construction layout of interior and exterior stairs, truss design and layout, and the quantity and cost estimation of materials.


"C" or higher or concurrent enrollment in CARP 141B.

Semester Offered Spring (every even year)
Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  1. Calculate the amount of "Plates" needed for an actual project.
  2. Calculate the amount of studs required for an actual project.
  3. Calculate the proper types and quantities of "Simpson Ties" required per local building codes for an actual project.
  4. Calculate various roof framing members. Conduct a materials list for an actual construction project.
  5. Calculate finish roof materials for an actual project.
  6. Calculate and construct stairs for an actual project.
  7. Calculate the amount of exterior siding required for an actual project.
  8. Calculate the amount of framing materials required to construct a single-family residence.
  9. Construct the framing of a build and install exterior finish.