Cooperative Education (93V, 193V, and 293V)


1 - 3

Class Hours

1 hour per week seminar and 75 hours work experience for each credit


Approval of instructor.


May be repeated with approval of the instructor.


Cooperative Education is a program that integrates classroom studies with work experience directly related to a student's academic field of study. Field experiences may be on- or off-campus, paid or volunteer, part- or full-time. Students earn one to three college credits in this formal program (1 credit = 75 hours, 2 credits = 150 hours, 3 credits = 225 hours). A student’s current employment may qualify as a student's co-op site if it directly relates to that student's field of study.

If a student does not work in a position that qualifies as a co-op site, the instructor will locate a volunteer site from a group of participating agencies in business, industry, and government. If students need a paid co-op experience, they are expected to find their own paying co-op sites.

Cooperative Education courses use one of the following course numbers: 93V, 193V, or 293V.