Drug Free Workplace

The Official Notice, by the University of Hawai‘i Office of the President, was issued pursuant to the requirements of the federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 and the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

Illicit Drugs and Alcohol- In conformance with the existing law, University faculty, staff, and students are not permitted to manufacture, distribute, possess, use, dispense or be under the influence of illegal drugs and/or alcohol as prohibited by state and federal law, at University-sponsored or approved events, or on University property or in buildings used by the University for education, research, or recreational programs. Consistent with its mission, the University will cooperate with law enforcement agencies responsible for enforcing laws related to the use of illegal drugs and alcohol. Students found in violation of this part shall be subject to the provisions of the Student Conduct Code. Faculty and staff found in violation of this part are subject to disciplinary action as provided in collective bargaining agreements, University policy, and other applicable State laws and rules.

The University recognizes that substance abuse is a complex problem that is not easily resolved solely by personal effort and may require professional assistance and/or treatment. Students, faculty, and staff members with substance abuse problems are encouraged to take advantage of available diagnostic, referral, counseling, and prevention services. The University will not excuse misconduct by employees and students whose judgment is impaired due to substance abuse.

The purchase, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is regulated by state law. Students are expected to know and abide by state law and by University rules and regulations governing the use and consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus. Students are referred to Board of Regents policy, executive policies and campus guidelines regulating the use and consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus.

Students are not permitted to be under the influence of, possess, manufacture, distribute, or sell illicit drugs, as prohibited by state law, at University-sponsored or approved events, on University property, or in buildings used by the University for its educational or recreational programs. Reasonable suspicion of possession or use of illegal drugs and substances on campus may subject the students involved to investigation.

Sanctions which may be imposed on violators of the alcohol and drug related sections of the Student Conduct Code include disciplinary warning, probation, suspension, expulsion, or rescission of grades or degree. Copies of the full text of the Code are available at the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Campus-sponsored activities on campus that involve either the serving or selling of alcoholic beverages must be in compliance with applicable College /University policies and state laws.

Copies of policies governing the possession, consumption, serving, and sale of alcoholic beverages on the University of Hawai‘i Community College campus are available at the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Smoking - On July 10, 2018, all University of Hawaiʻi campuses and facilities became tobacco-free, joining more than 2,000 U.S. universities and colleges in an effort to provide a healthy environment for all students, faculty and staff.

Hawaiʻi state law (SB 134, Act 160, SLH 2018) now prohibits the use of tobacco products on all 10 UH campuses and university-owned facilities.

We encourage everyone to refrain from using tobacco products while on property owned or operated by UH. Tobacco products include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smoking tobacco, electronic cigarettes, vapes and chewing tobacco.

The Drug Free Workplace Policy may be viewed at https://www.hawaii.edu/ohr/general-information/general-information-notices/notices/drug-free-workplace/?highlight=drugfree%20workplace.


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