Electrical Installation and Maintenance Technology

The Electrical Installation and Maintenance Technology (EIMT) program is comprehensive and fulfills the requirements for entry-level positions in the electrical field. EIMT provides technical knowledge needed as well as the essential hands-on skills that meet the condition for achieving success in the electrical field. Emphasis is placed on wiring in accordance with both the provisions contained in the National Electrical Code and the energy conservation codes. Successful completion of the EIMT program will prepare an individual to take the State of Hawai‘i Maintenance Electrician License test.

Program Admission Requirements:

(1) Qualified for ENG 100S or ENG 106 and either qualified for MATH 100 or higher or concurrent enrollment in MATH 75X or higher; or (2) Approval of instructor.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) approved 09/17/2014:

  1. Read and understand blueprints sufficiently to use them to plan a project.
  2. Select materials properly for a given project that comply with published codes and deliver energy efficient outcomes.
  3. Maintain and care for the tools required in the electrical industry.
  4. Utilize Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and State safety regulations to minimize risk and protect self and others.
  5. Communicate successfully orally and in writing using computer technology.
  6. Demonstrate the craftsmanship standards of dependability, punctuality, and quality.

Degrees and Certificates