ETRO 101: Introduction to Electronics Technology

Credits 3 Class Hours6 lecture/lab

This course introduces the fundamentals of electronics, computer technology, and electrical components. It also develops applications of basic arithmetic and mathematics to electronic and computer technology, engineering notation, electrical units, and schematic diagrams. Finally, it provides the theory and applications of electronic measuring instruments and the construction of circuits.

Semester Offered Fall
Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  1. Present projects using various forms of electronics media.
  2. Document and communicate project designs using manual drafting, CAD, and electronic design software tools.
  3. Working independently or as a member of a team; diagnose, troubleshoot, and repair basic electronic hardware problems.
  4. Using accepted industry procedures and standards, perform electronics fabrication and assembly tasks, applying concepts of design, construction, and process and quality control.
  5. Observe all appropriate OSHA safety rules and hazmat regulations when performing electronics fabrication and assembly tasks.