ENG 100S: Composition 1 Supplement

Credits 1 Class Hours3 lecture

This course allows for intensified student engagement with ENG 100 course content. Students will develop a writing process that results in focused and coherent paragraphs, and skills to identify and address patterns of error in writing. They will learn reading and interpretive skills and college success strategies such as effective note-taking and using technology. Students will also experience various college resources to support their continued success.


This course is credit (C) or no credit (NC).


"C" or higher in ENG 75 or acceptable English placement.

Corequisite Courses
Semester Offered Fall, Spring, Summer
Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  1. Practice learning strategies such as note-taking, journaling, using technology, avoiding plagiarism, and managing time to foster student success.
  2. Employ a writing process that results in focused and coherent paragraphs free of major error.
  3. Employ a variety of reading and interpretative strategies that foster reflection, summary, and the evaluation of sources
  4. Identify and access relevant college resources that promote student success including tutoring, advising, and instructional librarian support