GIS 200 : Interpreting and Creating GIS Maps



Class Hours

Class Hours3 lecture


"C" or higher or concurrent enrollment in GIS 189.

Semester Offered

Fall, Spring


This course introduces advanced geospatial analysis techniques, including Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database and overlay creation, data classification, location analysis, distribution and density, geovisualization techniques, and map interpretation through the use and application of GIS. This course will combine an overview of general principles of GIS and practical experience in the analytical use of spatial information. Students will gain greater in-depth knowledge of geospatial analysis and examine the social context of mapping and knowledge production, examine the diverse range of GIS applications, and complete a final project with a practical component involving the use of a geospatial analysis software package. Special emphasis and concentration will focus on sustainability, considering the current and future use and protection of resources in light of land management.