Grades and Grade Point Average

Letter grades are used to indicate the quality of work done. Grade reports are available to you shortly after the end of each semester or summer session via STAR reports (

Kaua‘i Community College reserves the right to withhold issuance of grades, transcripts, or diplomas to students who have not met their obligations to the College.

The grade point ratio GPR (or grade point average/GPA) is determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credits attempted. Courses for which grades of “W," “L,” “CE,” “CR,” or “NC" were recorded are not included in computing the GPR. Grade points are assigned as follows:

Grade Points (Calculating Grade Point Average)
A Excellent Achievement 4
B Above Average Achievement 3
C Average Achievement 2
D Minimal Passing Achievement 1
F Failure 0
I Incomplete  
W Withdrawal from a course  
CR Credit Granted  
CE Credit Granted (Credit by Examination)  
NC No Credit Granted  
L Audit  

A course grade of Incomplete indicates that an essential requirement of the course has not been completed. Incompletes are granted only for acceptable reasons and only with the instructor’s consent. An Incomplete must be made up by the deadline stated in the academic calendar or the incomplete grade will automatically convert to an alternate course grade indicated by the instructor at the time the “I” was awarded. IN NO CASE WILL AN “I” GRADE REVERT TO A“W” GRADE. SEE COLLEGE CALENDAR FOR SPECIFIC DEADLINES. To complete a course in which a student has received an Incomplete, the student must make arrangements with the instructor.

Incompletes are granted only for a non-passing grade (F or NC), only for acceptable reasons typically due to circumstances out of the student’s control (e.g. lengthy student illness or family emergency during the semester), and only with the instructor’s consent.

When an I grade is entered, the current student grade must also be paired with the I ( IF or INC). If the student completes the essential missing work within the established deadline, in accordance with the agreement articulated by the course instructor, then the instructor will grade the newly submitted work and change the student’s final grade accordingly. An I grade counts towards credits attempted for financial aid purposes.

Students are responsible for turning in all Incomplete work by the deadline agreed upon with their instructor, or the Incomplete grade will automatically convert to the currently paired course grade (IF converts to F and INC converts to NC). This deadline should not exceed the deadline stated in the academic calendar.

W Withdrawal from a course. Indicates formal withdrawal from a course after the first three weeks of the semester.
CR Credit granted. Denotes work deserving of a credit at “C” level or higher for courses taken under the Credit/ No Credit grading option.
CE Credit granted. Denotes work deserving of a credit at "C" level or higher for courses taken under the Credit by Institutional Examination assessment.
NC No credit granted. Denotes minimal passing work or lower and not deserving of credit under the Credit/No Credit grading option.
Indicates that a course was audited. No credit granted.
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