Graduation Requirements and Graduation Procedure


The issuance of an A.A. (Associate in Arts), A.S. (Associate in Science), A.A.S. (Associate in Applied Science), or a C.A. (Certificate of Achievement) requires that the student must:

  1. Earn a GPA of 2.0 or better for all courses applicable toward the degree or certificate.
  2. Earn a minimum of 12 credits of program courses in the degree/major at Kaua‘i Community College. This requirement may be waived for cause at the option of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or the Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor or Chancellor may also approve the use of credit by examination to meet this requirement.

The issuance of an A.S.C. (Academic Subject Certificate) or a C.O. (Certificate of Competence) requires that the student must earn a GPA of 2.0 or better for all courses required in the certificate.

Notation of Academic Credentials
A student will be notified of the potential to earn a credential when enrolled in coursework that will fulfill requirements to complete a certificate or degree. Upon successful completion of requirements, academic credential will be notated on the student’s official transcript, unless Kaua‘i Community College is informed not to notate the completed credential at the request of the student. Notation of the academic credential will be completed at no cost to the student.

Graduation Procedure

In order to receive either a degree or certificate from Kaua‘i Community College, a student must complete a Graduation Application. Check the Academic Calendar for application deadlines. A $15 graduation fee is payable to the Business Office upon submission of the Graduation Application. Students may qualify to graduate at the end of either the fall or spring semester, or at the end of summer session. However, a commencement ceremony takes place only at the end of each spring semester.

To be eligible for graduation, continuing students (with no break in enrollment) may meet the program requirements stated in the catalog for the year of their entry into a program major, or they may choose to meet the requirements of any subsequent change in the program. However, students who stop-out must meet program requirements of the catalog in effect upon their re-entry, or may choose to meet the requirements of subsequent program revisions that occurred while they were continuously enrolled. Graduation may be denied if all requirements, including incomplete grades, are not met by the end of the graduating semester.

Preparation for graduation, including meeting all the requirements, is the responsibility of the student. If you are a new or returning student, you may begin to monitor your progress toward graduation by following the program requirements in the Instructional Programs section of this catalog. If you are a continuing student with no break in enrollment, you may also follow the program requirements, provided there have been no changes in the program requirements since your initial enrollment.

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