HAW 261: Hawaiian Literature in English

Credits 3 Class Hours3 lecture

This course is a survey of traditional Hawaiian narratives and poetry. The emphasis will be on the various modes of native Hawaiian literature from pre-contact to the present. Readings will be presented in English translation, with selected Hawaiian texts provided upon request.

Semester Offered Fall, Spring
Diversification: Literatures — DL
Graduation Requirement: Pacific Cultures — PC
Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  1. Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of one work or theme of Hawaiian literature.
  2. Explain concepts of Hawaiian culture found in literary themes and styles and relate those concepts to their own lives.
  3. Respond to Hawaiian literature orally and in writing using the terminology of literary and/or cultural analysis.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of major genres, stories, themes and devices of Hawaiian oral and written literature.