MARE 171L: Introduction to Marine Biology Laboratory I

Credits 1 Class Hours3 lab

The laboratory complements MARE 171 and must be taken concurrently with the lecture. It is intended to provide laboratory experiences that focus on organic molecules, cell structure, cell functions, and genetics.


Cross-listed with BIOL 171L.


MARE 171 and either CHEM 151 or CHEM 161

Semester Offered Fall
Diversification: Lab (Science) — DY
Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  1. Use the scientific method by demonstrating an ability to formulate a testable hypothesis, collecting data necessary to test the hypothesis, analyzing and interpreting the results (in graphical form when appropriate), and discussing the outcome of the experiment.
  2. Collect and analyze scientific data using appropriate specialized equipment and computer software.
  3. Demonstrate the safety procedures appropriate to a biological laboratory setting.