Medical Assisting

The Medical Assisting (MEDA) program is designed to prepare students to assist physicians and health care providers in private medical offices and outpatient clinics with patient care as well as routine office laboratory and diagnostic tests. Students are also prepared to perform administrative medical office and business practices and procedures. Students will earn a Certificate of Achievement (CA) upon completion of the program.

Program Admission Requirements:

Students will be admitted as a cohort in the fall semester each year. The program application period will be open from December 1 through February 1. ENG 100; HLTH 140; HWST 107; MATH 75X or higher; and the DS category must be completed prior to entry. Acceptance will be on a first applied, first qualified basis. Progression onto the spring semester will require a “C” or higher in all required MEDA program courses in the fall.

Graduation Requirements:

A grade of “C” or higher in all MEDA alpha courses and program prerequisite courses required for the Medical Assisting program is required for graduation.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) approved 03/18/2015:

  1. Demonstrate effective communication skills with all members of the healthcare team (affective).
  2. Demonstrate ethical and legal behavior to maintain patient safety and confidentiality (affective).
  3. Apply medical office business, financial and administrative concepts and practices (cognitive).
  4. Apply critical thinking skills and concepts of medical assisting to maintain quality patient care and efficient administrative procedures (cognitive).
  5. Perform clinical and administrative medical assisting skills appropriate for entry-level practice in an ambulatory care setting (psychomotor).

Degrees and Certificates