POLS 110 : Introduction to Political Science



Class Hours

3 lecture


Qualified for ENG 100.

Semester Offered

Fall, Spring


This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of political science, from the basic political concepts and theories to the scientific methods that are used within this field. Analyzing politics in a broad and expansive manner means that we explore the dominant political ideologies, decision-making institutions, and major fields in a critical way. After building a political foundation, we will consider three major fields in current political science: comparative politics, international political economy, and international relations. These fields will also be used as access points to look at the deeper issues, such as power and conflict, globalization, and regional integration. The main goal of this course is to strengthen students’ abilities to interpret and critique the diverse issues they will inevitably confront within the world of politics.


Diversification: Social Sciences — DS