Senior Citizen Visitor Pass

You may attend classes as a "Visitor" without having to pay tuition and fees if you are a senior citizen who:

  1. Is 60 years or older during the week immediately following the late registration period;
  2. Is a bona fide resident of the state of Hawai‘i as described by University of Hawai‘i’s definition;
  3. Meet course prerequisites, if any; and
  4. Does not have any financial obligation.

Grades or credits will not be recorded and your name will not appear on the instructor’s official class roster. Acceptance into classes is by instructor approval, after the late registration period. Check the academic calendar for scheduled dates. This is to assure that others wanting to register for credit or to officially audit classes will have the opportunity to do so.

Visitor passes are issued for each course and may be obtained at the Admissions and Records Office after late registration. Passes are issued only if seats are available.

If you are a new or returning visitor, you will need to complete an application for residency determination purposes.

If you wish to register during the regular registration and late registration periods, you may do so but you must complete all registration procedures and pay full tuition and fees.