SSCI 113: Civic Leadership

Credits 3 Class Hours3 lecture

The purpose of this course is to help students build the skills, knowledge, and habits necessary to effectively contribute to and participate in the social, political, economic, and environmental life of their communities and world. By building a strong sense of agency among students, this course aims to elevate active participation and leadership in our democracy. An engaged citizenry is an essential component of a thriving democracy. To adequately prepare for a lifetime of civic engagement, students must grapple with foundational leadership questions relating to power, morality, and ethics. This course incorporates experiential/service learning, a proven civic education practice, that extends lessons beyond the classroom and into the community.

Semester Offered Fall, Spring
Diversification: Social Sciences — DS
Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  1. Articulate your own leadership capacity based on a thorough examination of personal leadership style, vision, and values
  2. Detail and analyze core beliefs relating to power, morality, ethics, and integrity
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the personal and collective benefits of forming reciprocal relationships in one's community
  4. Critically analyze capacity for active participation and the student's role in making, maintaining, or changing society
  5. Apply and reflect on course content through experiential learning activities that require active and ethical participation in civic life