AEC 161: Building Information Modeling Software

Credits 3 Class Hours3 lecture

This course provides students with the opportunity to work on a medium-size modeling/drafting project using the latest architectural software. Emphasis is on the three-dimensional drawing. Architectural models, rendering, and animation are important elements of the course. Students create photo realistic computer images of buildings, components, and the project site.


"C" or higher or concurrent enrollment in AEC 101.

Semester Offered Fall
Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  1. Demonstrate oral and written communication, computation, and problem-solving skills appropriate to BMI construction.
  2. Demonstrate the appropriate software commands to create a 3D building model including the following assemblies: walls, floors, doors, windows, roofs, components, dimensions and stairs.
  3. Compose and print a sheet in a building model set.
  4. Create still renderings, perspective views, and walk through animations of a building model using Building Information Modeling (BIM) software.
  5. Import a vector-based reference drawing into a model file.
  6. Demonstrate the loading of components into a building model.