FENG 130: Basic Fundamentals of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Credits 3 Class Hours2 lecture and 2 lecture/lab

This course offers the basic principles and fundamentals of air conditioning and refrigeration. The course is designed to expose students to the theory and methods of maintaining, diagnosing, and minor repairing of domestic and commercial air conditioning/refrigeration systems.


"C" or higher or concurrent enrollment in EIMT 121 or EIMT 123.

Semester Offered Fall
Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of basic electrical theory.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding on the theory of refrigeration.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of matter and energy.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of refrigerants and refrigeration.
  5. Demonstrate general safety practices, including the safe handling of tools and equipment.
  6. Identify tubing and piping components and their removal and installation.