General Education Core Options

To meet General Education categories required for degrees, students may choose from the options below to fulfill each category required for the specific degree they are pursuing.

For references to diversification (e.g., DA, DY, etc.) or foundations (e.g., FW, FQ, etc.) categories, a full list of courses that meet these categories are available on the "Diversification and Foundations Course List" page under the "Programs (Certificates and Degrees)" section of the catalog.

Students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor for a comprehensive list of courses.

* ENG 100 or higher; or
* Any FW designation

* CULN 222 and CULN 275;
* HOST 101;
* Any Humanities course; or
* Any DA, DH, or DL designation, including languages

* CULN 185;
* Any Natural Science course; or
* Any DB/DP designation

* BUS 120;
* HOST 100;
* MGT 122;
* Any Social Science course; or
* Any DS designation

* ACC 124 or ACC 201;
* ICS 101 or ICS 111;
* MATH 100 or higher;
* QM 108; or
* Any FQ/FS designation

* ENG 100; or
* Any FW designation

* Any Humanities course numbered 100 or higher; or
* Any DA, DH, or DL designation

* MATH 100 or higher; or
* Any FQ/FS designation

* Any Natural Science course numbered 100 or higher; or
* Any DB or DP designation

* Any Social Science course numbered 100 or higher; or
* Any DS designation