Diversification and Foundations Course List

Kaua‘i Community College has adopted the UH System’s Diversification Requirements and Foundations Requirements. For the A.A. degree, students planning to transfer to Hawai‘i Community College or UH Hilo are advised to check with their counselors for particulars regarding the College’s requirements.

Minimum Diversification Requirements

Arts (DA), Humanities (DH), and Literatures (DL) 6 credits from 2 areas
Biological Sciences (DB) 3 credits
Physical Sciences (DP) 3 credits
Science Lab (DY) 1 credit
Social Sciences (DS) 6 credits from 2 different disciplines

Minimum Foundations Requirements

Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FGA, FGB, FGC) 6 credits from 2 areas
Quantitative Reasoning (FQ)* 3 credits
Written Communication (FW) 3 credits

*Effective Fall 2018, Quantitative Reasoning (FQ) replaces Symbolic Reasoning (FS) as a General Education requirement. The primary goal of FQ courses is to develop mathematical reasoning skills at the college level. Students apply mathematical concepts to the interpretation and analysis of quantifiable information in order to solve a wide range of problems arising in pure and applied research in specific disciplines, professional settings, and/or daily life.

To ensure there is adequate time for students who entered the UH System prior to Fall 2018 to complete their FS requirements, FS and FQ/FS courses will be offered at UH community colleges through Summer 2020. Students who entered the UH System prior to Fall 2018 and have been continuously enrolled may select courses from the FS or FQ/FS categories, unless they opt into all of the General Education and program requirements that are in place as of Fall 2018. Students entering the UH System in Fall 2018 and beyond may select courses from the FQ/FS or FQ categories. Students should contact their designated School/College academic or faculty advisor for more information.

Designation Course List

For programs that require a specific designation (diversification or foundations), a list of courses that will fulfill each designation is provided. This information is also available in STAR. The five-year term for each course's designation is also included.

  • REL 150 (renewed until end of S2029)
  • ENG 100 (renewed until end of S2026)