Definition of Words Used (for Courses)

Approval of Instructor

Written permission granted by the instructor before a student enrolls in a course.


A course which must be taken in conjunction with and during the same semester or part of semester term as another course. Corequisites are indicated in the course description.

Modular Courses

Modular courses are shorter than one semester, ranging from 2 to 13 weeks and carrying from 1 to 7 credits. Modular courses may be found in accounting, automotive mechanics, business education, mathematics, and nursing.

Placement Test

A test administered by the College to assess current skills to determine acceptable class placement.


A requirement that must be met before you are allowed to enter a course. The purpose of a prerequisite is to ensure that you have the background you need to be successful in the course.


Suggested preparation (courses and/or skills) which will enhance a student’s ability to perform well in a particular course.

Semester Offered

The semester(s) in which a course is typically offered will be included. Semester offerings aren't guaranteed as various factors may impact the course schedule.

F = offered in the fall semester only
S = offered in the spring semester only
F, S = offered in both the fall and spring semesters (not necessarily every fall or spring semester)
Su = offered in the summer only


Course-specific designations that the course will fulfill. The following are course-specific designations: Diversification, Foundations, and Pacific Cultures. A list of courses are available on the "Diversification and Foundations Course List" and "Graduation Requirement Course List" pages under the "Programs (Certificates and Degrees)" section of the catalog.


A transfer level course is a 100 or higher level course that is supposed to be considered college level work. Any course that is 100 level or higher can be counted in the total credits required to obtain a bachelor’s degree, even if it doesn’t meet the requirements of a specific major or program.

Instructional Level Note

For courses requiring reading and mathematics, students are expected to have reading and math skills above the remedial level or consent of the instructor.