Culinary Arts

The Certificate of Competence (C.O.) in Culinary Arts--Food Prep requires 8 credits and prepares students for entry-level positions in the food service industry. Students are able to demonstrate competency in basic food preparation, sanitation, and safety and customer service. Completion of this certificate does not assure entry into the Culinary Arts Certificate of Achievement (C.A.) or Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree cycle.

The Kaua‘i Community College Career Ladder Culinary Arts program is designed to provide technical knowledge and basic skills training for students choosing to enter the culinary field, as well as upgrade skills of those already employed in the food service industry. “Hands-on” laboratory training reinforces theoretical knowledge and prepares graduates for positions in professional food service careers. With job experience, graduates of the Culinary Arts program may advance to positions such as chefs, kitchen managers, and restaurant managers.

Successful completion of the 14-credit C.O. in Culinary Arts allows students to continue to the C.A.s and/or to the A.A.S. degree program. Graduates will also be eligible to apply for the American Culinary Federation “Certified Culinarian” certificate.

The Program has integrated in its curriculum the study of humanities/fine arts, natural sciences, and cultural and social sciences.

Program Admission Requirements:

Although applicants will be admitted into the Culinary Arts program, admission into the Culinary Arts A.A.S. laboratory cycle (except CULN 101B/C and CULN 102B/C) is on a “first applied, first qualified” basis. Once qualified, the student must initiate the registration process (i.e., submit health clearances, gain academic advising, register for classes, and attend the mandatory orientation). A new culinary laboratory cycle begins each fall semester.

Applicants must demonstrate basic skills proficiency in writing and mathematics as part of acceptance into the C.O. in Culinary Arts, C.A.s, and A.A.S. degree programs. Priority admittance into the Culinary Arts fall A.A.S. degree cycle will be given to continuing students who have met the following requirements by the March 1 priority deadline:

  1. Met minimum English requirements (qualified for ENG 100S using ACT between 11-17, Smarter Balance score 3 plus "C" or higher in high school senior English, or Smarter Balance score 2 plus "B" or higher in high school senior English);
  2. Met minimum math requirements (qualified for MATH 82X or placing into Math Level 2); and
  3. Completed CULN 101B/C and/or CULN 102B/C with a grade of “B” or higher, and maintained a 2.0 GPA in all courses applicable toward a C.O. in Culinary Arts or higher degree.

The C.O. in Culinary Arts--Food Prep is open admissions. Applicants exploring the culinary arts field who wish to gain a general survey of basic culinary skills and/or are working on completing the reading, writing, and/or math program prerequisites are encouraged to enroll in the C.O. in Culinary Arts--Food Prep program.

Graduation Requirements:

A grade of “C” or higher for all CULN alpha courses in the Culinary Arts program is required for graduation.

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) approved 02/06/2013:

  1. Communicate with guests, co-workers, and supervisors by using oral, written, and nonverbal skills required in food services operations. (COMMUNICATION)
  2. Demonstrate reasoning and decision-making skills that reflect critical thinking (problem-solving, creative thinking, quantitative reasoning, application, and resource management) and the current state of culinary arts/science. (COGNITION)
  3. Use print materials, personal communications, observations, and electronic media efficiently and ethically to locate, retrieve, evaluate, organize, and present information needed to meet educational, personal, and professional objectives. (INFORMATION COMPETENCY)
  4. Apply work ethics, attitudes, and professional codes of conduct in the workplace with guests and with members of the culinary team including co-workers and supervisors. (SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY)
  5. Demonstrate commitment to culinary arts and food service practices through professional behaviors that meet industry standards. (PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY)

Federal Program Licensure Reporting Requirements:

The Kaua‘i Community College Culinary Arts program curriculum is approved by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF). Students who graduate from an accredited associate degree program or from an accredited non-degree program are eligible for ACF certification as a Certified Culinarian. If you are not residing in the state of Hawai‘i and are taking a Kaua‘i Community College online course or program leading to professional licensure, Kaua‘i Community College cannot confirm whether the course or program meets your state’s professional licensure requirements. Please verify with the appropriate licensing board in the state you intend to practice.

Degrees and Certificates